The Ginger Tree Preschool of the Arts

1 School Street Glen Gardner NJ United States 08826

(908) 574-5255

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Our History

Our preschool is over 20 years old...and all new!  We have been The Ginger Tree Preschool of the Arts for approximately 5 years located in the charming and historic Old School House in Glen Gardner at 1 School Street.  Just this year, 2018, ownership was changed to a 16-year employee at the school, Heather Pek and her husband Robert Pek. 

                The Ginger Tree Preschool may have changed ownership but we will continue to offer a safe, nurturing, loving, environment for all children from 6 weeks to 6 years old whose families have put their trust in us.  We will be emphasizing Art as a vehicle to give your child an outlet for their creativity and to instill values that you know are important in life…the Art of respecting others; the Art of having manners; the Art of listening; the Art of thinking; the Art of getting along with others.  Starting in September we will have a dedicated Art room and a new early childhood Art instructor where your child can get messy, be creative and have a GREAT time!